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Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.... I was nervous about the visit but, the staff and Dr. Snow made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Snow and his staff gets 5 stars from me, they are just AWESOME!!!!

Karen Clyburn Avatar Karen Clyburn
October 30, 2020

Very professionally ran practice. Great results with pain management during procedure. Up-to-date equipment and technology.

Curtis Tucker Avatar Curtis Tucker
May 5, 2021

Doctor Snow was very nice, my dentist Dr Jennings sent me to him for a root canal.He was great no pain at all.

Gwen Stevenson Avatar Gwen Stevenson
July 20, 2021

Was referred from my dentist. Dr.Snow and staff were the most empathic, kind bunch of folks I ever met. Would recommend anyone to them. Thanks again for your excellent care!

Sharon Smith Avatar Sharon Smith
April 20, 2021

I received excellent care from the entire team @ Snow Endodontics. Very pleased!

Laura Wood Avatar Laura Wood
August 17, 2021

Went in for root canal with the expectation that I would be in for a world of pain. But the were so effective with their use of local numbing agents that I felt nothing at all. Great at setting expectations and wonderful customer service.

Demetrius Johnson Avatar Demetrius Johnson
June 10, 2021

Dr Campbell and the staff at Snow Endodontics were proficient and professional. One of the best experiences ever. I highly recommend Snow Endodontics.

Judy Summer Avatar Judy Summer
June 4, 2021

Was referred to Dr. Snow by my Dentist for a root canal. Of course no one wants to hear that suggestion, because of the pain/anxiety associated with it. I was assured by her that "he was the best" and so off I went to schedule my procedure. Let's just say, his professionalism, calm mannerisms and my joke "to treat me as if he was working on Jesus' mouth" lol, made my experience a GREAT one! Hoping that I won't ever require another root canal, but if I ever did, back to his office I would go. You know when someone has the Midas touch, honed their craft or gifted hands, I must say he has all three!

Renee Randolph Avatar Renee Randolph
July 29, 2021

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